It is Spring

Our new centralized organization went live on January 3. Everything – and I mean everything – has changed. We have new people, new teams, new processes and new systems. We even moved to a different area of the building. I am one of the new faces in this organization. There are several of us that were … More It is Spring

WHAT is the Problem? That is the Question

I remember – with perfect precision – the moment my professor (Dr. Janet Buckenmeyer) emphatically pointed out that the MOST IMPORTANT part of instructional design is clearly identifying the problem. She said it was imperative that we identify accurately – and with precision – the problem we were trying to solve, or every solution we … More WHAT is the Problem? That is the Question

Learning to be Agile

I received a link to John Greene’s Ted Talk in my email the other day. The title, “The Nerd’s Guide to Learning Everything Online,” caught my eye as I assist faculty in designing online learning that is engaging and interactive. I am an online learner. I struggle with learning through reading, and I get bored … More Learning to be Agile