About Sharon


I am an avid writer, instructional designer, teacher and non-IT project manager. I have a passion for teaching others to improve their lives through their work, their life adventures and, most importantly, their growth opportunities. Life is full of chances to grow, and – through my writing and my work – I aim to inspire people to connect with their purpose and goals.

I am currently a badass Learning & Development Manager who frequently battles the status quo in order to change the game. I believe in strong results, compassion for others, and I aim to end suffering at work.

I have a Masters of Education with an emphasis in Instructional Technology from Purdue University. My Bachelors degree is also in Education with an emphasis in English and Journalism. My work experience includes a variety of corporate roles at several Fortune 500 companies which include Medco Health Solutions, FedEx and Whirlpool Corporation.

I hope that wherever you are walking in life , you will keep in mind that we are all teachers and motivators. I believe that learning is a necessary part of anyone’s journey whether they are 12 or 82. It helps keep us young and engaged in life. Above all, please remember that it is more important to teach people how to ‘fish’ than to just provide them with the answers. Thanks for reading, and please let me know you stopped by!

(For a more personal spin on me, you may view recent posts from my personal blog Midlife Moments at the bottom of this page.)



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